Comfort for All Seasons

Sounds all too familiar that each year one of our goals as women, is to seek more comfort from our first layer of clothing. 

We have been through a myriad of discussions about comfort and sometimes it feels like we have exhausted.

During the pandemic, one of the most commonplace situations was working from home and in most instances, whilst in this place of ease and comfort, our first default was to spend days or hours of most days, functioning without a bra. 

For women whose breast sizes are D cup and above, most of these women would have sought the refuge of working without a bra, as the answer to finally being freed from the restrictive capture of the bra.

Whilst for many, and especially women in the warmer climates or in places where there was a higher level of humidity, the first default might have been to continue begrudgingly to wear the bra, or to decide on wearing one that was in and of itself the slackest, loosest or most pliable. If only to avoid the constrictive sense of being trapped in a bra whilst working from home.

Whilst comfort is truly a personal matter, there is also a close connection to seasons in our lives and so we should be mindful of how we manage our comfort to contribute to our wellbeing. The way we feel in our first layer of clothing, affects our overall performance.

Seasons of our lives can be categorised by life 

Now, let’s do a cohesive breakdown of comfort and how it can be adjusted for the seasons of our lives. Womanhood sure has shown us how to adapt but have we adapted our first layers? 

Seasonal Comfort – A Ms. Brafit Guide

Mastectomy Comfort Season 

Maternity and Maternal Comfort 

Menopause Journey Comfort Season 

Holiday Season Dressing Up

Carnival Season Dressing Up

Bridal Season Dressing Up 

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