Every woman and girl should feel secure, knowing there is a right solution for them, that they can feel confident and safe about. Because your comfort is at the core of our Bra Fitting and Breast Empowerment Interventions, we insist on an inclusive set of applications to your needs.

Each time we fit you, we envision how empowered you become and how that translates into everything that you do and every place that you go – the ripple effect.

Ms. Brafit addresses your fit at all of your life’s important stages!


Bra Fittings for Developing Teens and Adolescents

Like every stage of life, the developing teen is the most important candidate for a professional bra fitting. Parents need this additional support system to help them address the many discreet concerns that occur at this age. We are equipped to make this entire experience, one filled with privacy and respect.

Following your confirmed Adolescent Bra Fitting reservation, you will receive our pre-fitting guidelines. 
All minors must be accompanied by a parent or adult caregiver to attend our bra fitting consultations.


The expectant mother needs maximum comfort at every stage of her maternal journey.

Register to have a maternity fitting package where you will have a fitting consultation with us on the eve of each trimester. An empowering experience in comfort, maternal care and motherhood


As our bodies change with every stage of our feminine development, we require an intervention to our bra comfort and breast esteem. Our fitting solutions address all your needs and give you the ultimate confidence towards enjoying your self-care and getting dressed.

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