We are the world’s premier Bra Fitting company dedicated to inclusive breast care. Our suite of tools and solutions addresses social applications, cultural needs, socioeconomic challenges, psychosocial impact and sustainability in Breast Health and women’s health; whilst transcending borders. Over the decades of our work, we have applied and created innovative tools and solutions that amplify the value of an inclusive approach to gender focused health and have successfully instilled a sense of dignity in thousands of women, girls and communities worldwide.

Inclusive Empowerment

Inter-generational Empowerment

Rehabilitative Empowerment – After Breast Surgery

Our Post Mastectomy Care Consultancy adheres to global standards with our Certified Mastectomy Fitter. We pride ourselves in inclusive applications to customize the delicate care that women need after breast surgery following a breast cancer diagnosis 

Collective Interventions!

Confidence. Dignity. Privacy.

Global Breast Health

Cultural Relevance & Sensitivity

Global Impact & Thought Leadership

Decades of Experience in filling the gaps in mainstream breast care conversations and education, makes us stand out as pioneers, in all that we do.

Developing Teen & Adolescent Body Empowerment

Solutions for Parents of Early Developing Girls, Teens and Young Women

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