Have you ever stopped to imagine a world without healthy breasts? Can you further imagine if every pair of breasts were removed from every single woman? Can you envision a world where the newborn child has no access to this primary natural source of food – basic sustenance? Breasts provide the first natural source of food for the newborn child and they the offer newborn, a significant nutritional value as well as special bonding and connection for both mother and baby. A world of unhealthy breasts would spark of world crisis of hunger and compromise global food security for the under-3 population. We model our breast-care services and solutions to embody the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – SDG.


Ms. Brafit remain the #1 Global Innovators – providing a diverse range of women’s breast health solutions – Education, Consultations, Services, Garments – all Healthy Non-Surgical Solutions for Breast Health, Bra Fittings, Mastectomy Care and Maternal Health. With over 15 years of expert knowledge and hands-on experience in global environments, we continue to develop tools, solutions and services to support adolescents, women, surgeons, medical practitioners and fashion industry.


Our Innovative model of women’s health has been a catalyst to our global engagement and visibility within many communities, where our work and our social impact is highly respected. We continue to pioneer and innovate for comfort at Ms. Brafit.

Our innovative bra-fitting service model is not simply about your bra measurement and bra size. Our fitting formula takes many other very important personal statistics, unique to you, as we go about fitting you for your general bra comfort, your post-surgical balance and image needs, or for your wedding day!

We place your information into our customized lifestyle grid that takes your comfort seriously.

We continue to women, girls, families and communities far and wide with our education programs, seminars, workshops, bra fitting services, post-mastectomy solutions, education programs, tools and speaking engagements. We have been invited to speak at many reputable venues globally including platforms of university campuses, schools, corporations and grassroots communities.

Contact us to develop, design and deliver a community education program suitable to your cultural sensitivity and demographic relevance.

Suitable tools to enhance, empower and contribute to lifestyle, well-being, wellness and community spirit.

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