Bad hair days, brows that need waxing, foundation that’s just one shade too light… These can all make a girl lose some confidence. But Emily Lau had an even bigger reason not to feel her best; she felt like her “girls” were too small.

“I have a small frame, and I’m smaller in this area,” Lau said, motioning to her breasts. “So getting bras has always been a problem.”

Full-figured gals usually get all the press when it comes to not finding bras that suit, but small-framed women like Lau have issues too: the bras that do fit both their torso and their cup size are the same ones worn by 12-year-olds. No hope for some sexy cleavage to go with those plunging necklines!

“All my life I’ve been like, ‘When are these gonna grow?’” Lau said, smiling. “But I didn’t want to get surgery. I am petite; and if I want a good-fitting bra, why can’t I have one?”

So she took to altering her bras herself, taking them in here, twisting a strap there until her frustration with badly-fitting bras became samples that she tried on herself and her small-figured friends. Those test runs eventually became The Little Bra Company in May last year.

Available in over 60 boutiques in the US and Canada, The Little Bra Company fits women with smooth cups or lacy styles that give an extra push to create cleavage. The name “Little Bra” refers not only to cup size, but also to the fit around a woman’s torso.

At the luxury premiere at Ms Brafit Ltd’s office at Queen’s Park West on December 6, Lau showcased her company’s intimate apparel and fitted women with their very own little bras.

Ms Brafit Ltd specialises in custom foundation garment fitting, and owner Nicole Chin is a certified specialist for prosthetic products for post-mastectomy women. Ms Brafit is also the exclusive Caribbean distributor for The Little Bra Company.

Attendees at the premiere sat in cosy candlelight and perused displays of decorative bra straps made of Swarovski crystals, Italian-made bedroom slippers and high-end skin care and lingerie brands.

But what made the night special was the air of anticipation; women exclaiming, “I have to try that!”

“I think that a lot of smaller framed women feel like they don’t have to wear a bra,” Lau said, adding that once these women find a foundation garment that is the right size, gives the right look, and makes them feel great, she gets hugs and hi-fives.

“People say, ‘I can’t believe that this is what I look like!’ And we give them something with structure that makes them feel comfortable and look pretty,” she said. More styles are in store from The Little Bra Company, including strapless bras. And bras come in sizes from 28 A to 36B.

“There’s nobody else who’s doing that size,” Lau said of the often neglected 28A and 30A sizes.

A former Hollywood documentary writer and producer of shows like Lifetime’s Intimate Portrait and the History Channel’s Modern Marvels, Lau now runs The Little Bra Company full-time from her California base.

“I love producing TV and maybe I’ll go back to it someday,” Lau said. “But I was doing a lot of male-oriented shows. Right now I get to show my femininity.”

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