Let us help you to be more attentive to your breast health as well as the use of the proper bras to ensure comfort and confidence.
Knowing a bit about breast health and early detection can go a long way in ensuring that women can understand some of the challenges faced when diagnosed with any breast ailment, namely breast cancer.

The professional care of a suitable practitioner should not be substituted for forms of care without a history of success; unless guided by that professional or suitable team.

The needs of a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer are many.

These include, medical and non medical and aftercare plays an integral role in allowing a woman to retain her sense of confidence, self esteem and her ability to feel great after surgery.

Her comfort is an important part of the healing process and this should never be neglected.

Ms. Brafit Limited is the Caribbean’s Leading Post Surgical Health care provider in the area of Breast Cancer.

Ms. Brafit is fully accredited by international Bra and Mastectomy Fitting standards.

We care and understand the fears that a woman can face after losing her breast and ensure that we treat each situation with 100% privacy and comfort.

Our services take every aspect of the recovery process into consideration and so we provide the best Post Mastectomy care to women, which includes; education about the Post Surgical options available and how prosthetics, image enhancement, and a host of other post surgical tips and lessons can boost confidence, aid comfort and assist with recovery from the emotional standpoint.

Each woman can boast about being fitted to have an image of perfection and complete balance and one where there is no ability to determine whether she had a breast surgically removed.

Ms. Brafit’s staff have gotten the highest training in Mastectomy Care and Mastectomy Fitting and is certified by Boards in the US and UK for fitting for Prosthetics.

We pay strict attention to fabrics selected for products women use after such surgeries and we ensure that each item is carefully matched to suit the individual’s need. We ensure that each selection is appropriate for her body type, lifestyle and overall health and well-being.

We also provide our support to the many Cancer Survivor groups throughout the Caribbean and promote awareness via Health Fairs, Breast Care Seminars and many other clinics with our various partners including the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society and Cancer Support Groups throughout.

Some tips:

  • Know your body – there is nothing better than being in tune with YOU
  • Do regular breast self examinations
  • Observe, record and report any changes in your breasts to a professional
  • Always act in time – do not hesitate to report or treat any suspicion
  • Get opinions form professionals only
  • Do not wear bras that compress the breast tissue or where wires dig into the breast tissue – this can be harmful to the breast tissue over time.
  • Understand the importance of being professionally fitted for a bra and breast prosthesis after surgery.
  • Do not hesitate to ask your bra fitter for their certification and credentials in order to ensure that you are being fitted by a highly trained professional.